Celebrating A Decade of Innovation and Sustainable Growth: India and Sweden Mark 10th India Sweden Innovation Day

New Delhi, October 13th 2023: Marking an unprecedented milestone in fostering bilateral relations, India and Sweden today celebrated the ‘’10th India Sweden Innovation Day’’, focusing on the theme “Accelerating Green Growth.”

The remarkable event with over 370 attendees including a CII Innovation delegation from India witnessed the convergence of preeminent personalities, including policymakers, industry experts, researchers and businesses, and underlined the commitment of both nations to foster sustainable innovation and address global challenges.

Underscoring the outstanding partnership between India and Sweden to drive innovation across domains, Dr Jitendra Singh, Honourable Minister for Science and Technology, Government of India, said” The India-Sweden Innovation Day 2023 is a dedicated effort to harness the collective expertise of both nations, strongly emphasising sustainability and achieving net-zero emissions. In a significant development this year, nine Swedish companies have joined hands with India, bolstering our commitment to nurturing bilateral relations and advancing green technologies. Our partnership is pivotal in addressing global challenges and aligning with the United Nations’ sustainability goals. This collaboration promises to enrich our innovation ecosystem, and I congratulate the entire stakeholders who have contributed to the success of this remarkable initiative.”

Echoing his views and detailing the achievements of the India-Sweden alliance over the last 75 years, Mr Andreas Carlson, Honourable Minister of Infrastructure, Government of Sweden, stated,”The Innovation Partnership underlines our commitment to tackling pressing challenges like green energy and sustainable development. The relations between our nations are poised to grow even stronger in the years ahead as Sweden, renowned for its innovation prowess, complements India’s unparalleled growth, vast scale, and the largest talent pool on earth. As we commemorate 75 years of bilateral relations, we should take pride in our collective achievements.”

The 10th India Sweden Innovation Day highlighted India, as the current leader of the G-20 Presidency, and Sweden, the leader in sustainability innovation, recognising a unique opportunity for a holistic alliance for the future. With India’s exceptional economic growth and Sweden’s pioneering advancements in sustainability, the stage is set for both countries to drive transformative change on a global scale. 

”Over the past decade, more than 110 Swedish companies have established their presence in India, while many Indian companies have initiated operations in Sweden. Notably, nearly half of the Swedish companies have invested in Research and Development (R&D) and product solution development in India and one in five has established its R&D centres in the country. In the past nine months alone, we have witnessed 12 ministerial interactions between our leaders and received several high-profile delegations, and we eagerly anticipate a future witnessing even closer collaboration between India and Sweden for a better world,” said Mr Tanmaya Lal, Honourable Ambassador of India to Sweden and Latvia.

As the event unfolded, the thoughtful discussions emphasised on embracing technologies and solutions that have a transformative impact on humanity, including sustainable energy, safe and efficient transportation, world-class sustainable infrastructure, and ensuring safety, security, and enhanced quality of life.

’’Given India’s substantial size and impressive growth trajectory, the prospect for collaboration is enormous. While just five years ago, India was lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of technology, today, it is a shining example of technological prowess. Our commitment to technological advancement is evident through our rapid progress and one of the world’s fastest digitalisation programs.India presents not only a large market size but also a multitude of opportunities, making it an exceptional destination for growth and transformation,’’ said Mr Sunjay Kapur, Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industry Europe Committee and Chairman, Sona Comstar.

Communicating the immense potential of India towards green mobility, Mr Kamal Bali, President and MD, Volvo Group India and Chairman, Swedish Chamber of Commerce, India (SCCI), said’’ India stands as the Volvo Group’s largest hub for research and development, digital innovation, and IT outside of Gothenburg, Sweden. This strategic positioning highlights India’s pivotal role in realising the group’s swift transition to net-zero emissions.Furthermore, the transport sector in India is poised for remarkable growth, with demand projected to quadruple by 2050. According to NITI Aayog, nine of every ten trucks on the roads by 2050 are expected to be electric, fuel cell, or powered by alternative fuels. With this, we anticipate an exciting and transformative journey ahead, with India and Sweden at the forefront of global sustainability efforts.”

Highlighting the imperative need to focus on innovation, Mr Ashish Khushu, CTO, L&T Technology Services, said‘’ India offers a distinctive advantage, characterised by its impressive economy and a vast pool of talented individuals. Today, a growing number of companies are directing their focus towards innovation, acknowledging the significance of staying at the forefront of progress. Simultaneously, there is an unprecedented commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and together, India and Sweden create a formidable force to drive innovation and promote sustainable development.”

The event also witnessed Mr. Ludvig Lindström, Senior Business Developer, International Market Development, Swedish Energy Agency, highlighting the key accomplishments of the India Swedish Innovation Accelerator Program and the road ahead. 

”Since our inception in India in 2009, we have actively fostered innovation through the India Swedish Innovation Accelerator program. Over the years, this initiative has yielded significant success, establishing 250 collaborative projects to date. Throughout our journey, we have developed robust networks with major Indian conglomerates, including Tata and Mahindra. Now, exploring avenues for broader-scale collaborations is crucial, moving beyond the introduction of small and medium-sized companies,” said Mr Lindström.

India’s remarkable growth has also ushered in a new era in the country’s aviation sector, creating diverse opportunities for technological collaboration with Sweden.

“The rapid expansion of India’s aviation sector delivers a colossal opportunity. With our extensive global experience and leadership in the field, our expertise is crucial for supporting ambitious initiatives in the country. The relevance of our solutions to India’s aviation landscape is evident, underlining the importance of a strong partnership. We maintain an open-door policy, welcoming all interested parties to witness our capabilities firsthand and together, we can forge a collective path towards shaping the future of aviation in India,” said Mr Per Ahl, CEO, SAAB Digital Air Traffic Solutions.

The 10th edition of India-Sweden Innovation Day conveyed a strong message urging the acceleration of innovative solutions for transitioning towards a mutually prosperous and greener future. It also accentuated the significance of combining the expertise and resources of participants and global stakeholders to achieve the common objectives of the two countries. 

”The upcoming decade holds great promise for India, strongly emphasising innovation at the centre of its transformative journey. This momentous occasion marks the 10th anniversary of India-Sweden Innovation Day, which is a testament to our spirit of collaboration and progress. While Sweden has consistently been a leader in innovation, countries like India are rapidly catching up owing to constant disruption and boundless creativity. Together, we create a bridge that fosters innovation and cultivates synergy to lead the world,” said Mr. Robin Sukhia, President of Sweden-India Business Council.

Echoing his views and underlining the endless opportunities which the India-Sweden alliance brings to the table, Mr. Niclas Carlsson, Director of International Market, Development, Swedish Energy Agency, said’’ Sweden and India have had an unprecedented exchange of five to six delegations in the past nine months. This level of engagement is truly remarkable, highlighting our shared commitment. Also, over the past decade, the India-Sweden Innovation Accelerator has been phenomenal in introducing more than 200 companies to the Indian market. The enormous interest from both nations is evident, and it further motivates us to recognise projects that can nurture our progress and pinpoint areas where Sweden and India can collaborate.’’

The 10th India Sweden Innovation Day has also covered multiple sectors that are in focus on the India-Sweden corridor in this time of transition, including cyber security, smart cities, circular economy and the role digitalisation can play in the hardware and manufacturing sector with a focus on collaboration and building relationships for Industry 4.0

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