Chennai’s Sree Narayana Mission School Students Achieve Record-breaking Feats


Tamil Nadu, India, October 4, 2023 Sree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School, Chennai, proudly presents the Sree Narayana World Records Festival 2023, celebrating 55 years of academic excellence. Students showcased exceptional skills, recognized by prestigious record-keeping organizations which includes Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Record, providing inspiration for aspiring achievers.These achievements underscore the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of innovation and excellence.

Pranav.A, a student in Grade IX, has achieved a remarkable feat by solving the Most Sudoku Puzzles flawlessly within just 3 hours. His goal was ambitious – to conquer a daunting number of Sudoku puzzles, achieving an outstanding 144 with flawless precision. This achievement highlights Pranav’s exceptional logical acumen and the intellectually stimulating nature of Sudoku puzzles. Engaging with Sudoku has significantly enhanced his logical thinking, problem-solving capacity, concentration, and memory retention. Pranav’s feat stands as a testament to his dedication and precision, leaving an indelible mark in the puzzle-solving domain.

Grade-VII student, Sankhya.P, showcased remarkable dedication by creating the Largest Kirigami Mosaic, intricately assembling 16,000 kirigami models over 15.73 square meters in just 12 hours 30 minutes, she conveyed the message “Millets for Health,” emphasizing the value of good health as true wealth. This extraordinary mosaic serves as a platform to spotlight the health benefits of millets, promoting a healthy lifestyle. Sankhya’s achievement stands as a tribute to creativity, health advocacy, and the powerful role of art in communicating essential messages.

In a tribute to the visionary leader Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Ashok Patel.G, of Grade- VI, has crafted a monumental masterpiece – the Largest Origami Fishes Mosaic. The mosaic, spanning an impressive 20.98 square meters, was a labor of love, comprising an astounding 14,000 origami fishes. Completed within a dedicated 16-hours effort, this awe-inspiring creation showcased a portrait of Dr. Kalam and his iconic words, “Dream, Achieve, Inspire.” Ashok Patel.G paid homage to the visionary’s leadership and vowed to uphold his principles.

At a single venue, 672 participants from Grade I to Grade XII united for an inspiring display of creativity and sustainability—crafting wealth from waste which has set a new world record. The event highlighted the potential of repurposing waste into quality, eco-friendly products, fostering innovation and a sense of responsibility for sustainable living. It envisioned a future where waste becomes a valuable resource, not a burden, underlining the collective power of inventive thinking and the limitless opportunities when waste is treated as a precious asset.

Bala Muruga.P, an enthusiastic LKG student, set a world record by identifying 205 animal and sea creature digital images in 4 minutes. His remarkable memory and speed underscore the potential of young minds in recognizing and categorizing diverse concepts swiftly. This achievement is a testament to early cognitive development and the astonishing capabilities of young learners, inspiring others to explore their own potential.

In an extraordinary display of creativity and collaboration, 874 participants from Grade IV to Grade XII gathered in one location to craft origami balls simultaneously. This event broke records and highlighted the educational value of origami. Origami teaches precision, patience, and spatial reasoning—essential skills for individuals. The event was not only a world record but also a memorable journey, emphasizing learning and collaboration through the beautiful art of origami.

In a lively gathering, 874 participants from Grade IV to Grade XII enthusiastically united at a single venue for an exhilarating challenge—simultaneously popping balloons by blowing. This record-setting event highlighted a crucial lesson: mastering the art of controlled breathing. Amidst the joy and fun, the balloon-popping activity underscored the significance of proper breathing techniques for good health and stress management, showcasing the power of collective action and shared experiences.

Navya Sri.R, a PRE KG student, astoundingly identified 147 digital vegetable images in just 2 minutes, securing a world record. This feat showcased her exceptional memory, cognitive skills, and remarkable speed. It underscores the incredible potential of young minds to grasp concepts efficiently, highlighting the power of early learning. Navya Sri.R’s accomplishment will inspire young learners to explore the vast possibilities of knowledge and cognition.

Adith Sriram of IV achieved a world record in mental arithmetic, solving 221 single-digit addition problems (3 rows) within an impressive 7 minutes. This feat showcases Adith’s exceptional mental calculation skills, emphasizing the need to nurture young mathematical talents. It stands as an inspiring example of the incredible potential young minds have in mathematics, urging the cultivation of these talents through early education and practice.

“These accomplishments stand as a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of excellence,” said Gokulam Gopalan, the President. He was accompanied by Deepak Devarajan, the Secretary; Vijayan Udayakumar, the Vice President; T.D. Rajan, the Treasurer; and S. Jayalakshmi, the Principal.


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