Dr. Simmy Kataria has been honored to be the Honorary Deputy Commissioner General for the National Institute of Scientific Police, Colombia.

Dr. Simmy Kataria (M.Sc, Ph.D), a globally recognized figure in the fields of behavioral science, coaching, training, and education, has had a career spanning continents and industries. With a wealth of experience and an impressive list of achievements, Dr. Simmy Kataria continues to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Dr. Simmy Kataria’s journey has taken her from the Middle East to the Far East, the United States, and India. Over the years, she has provided invaluable expertise in developing and executing marketing strategies, mentoring and coaching capable executives, and managing senior positions for Fortune 500 clients.

Her dedication to the art of coaching and mentoring has earned her certifications from renowned institutions like Franklin Covey International and Results Coaching Systems, India. Dr. Simmy Kataria’s passion for teaching and training is evident in the numerous programs she has delivered on soft skills, business strategy, communications, professional effectiveness, innovation, and leadership. These programs have benefited both educational institutions and corporate entities in various parts of the world.

What sets Dr. Simmy Kataria apart is her commitment to going beyond the surface, delving into the cognitive processes at a molecular level. Her approach combines scientific techniques and innovative methodologies to create awareness and uncover blind spots that lead to meaningful change. Dr. Simmy Kataria is not merely focused on goals but on evoking excellence and optimization, often leading to profound “Aha moments” and “WOW factors” for her clients.

Her academic background is equally impressive, with a Ph.D. in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Berkeley, and an M.Sc in Communications from Boston University, both with honors. Dr. Simmy Kataria’s achievements range from being appointed as a Global Peace Ambassador at the United Nexus Organization to winning the Emma Award for the Best TV Production at Boston University. Her groundbreaking thesis on one-on-one marketing versus mass marketing played a pivotal role in the internet revolution.

Dr. Simmy Kataria’s influence extends to a vast clientele, including major corporations such as Elizabeth Arden, Christian Dior, Citibank, HSBC, IBM, Reliance Retail, and academic institutions like Boston University, George Mason University, and S.P. Jain School of Management.

With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Dr. Simmy Kataria continues to make a significant impact on the worlds of coaching, mentoring, and scientific police, as her recent appointment as Honorary Deputy Commissioner General for the National Institute of Scientific Police in Colombia underscores.

Dr. Simmy Kataria’s remarkable career as a Global Knowledge Ambassador, Behavioral Scientist, and Executive Certified Coach has left an indelible mark on the global stage. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her distinguished academic achievements and a vast clientele of major corporations and academic institutions, exemplifies her unwavering commitment to transforming lives and fostering positive change. Her recent appointment as Honorary Deputy Commissioner General for the National Institute of Scientific Police in Colombia adds another illustrious chapter to her illustrious career, solidifying her reputation as a leading authority in her field.