Exploring the Spiritual Odyssey: ‘Mahayogi HWY 1 to Oneness’ by Rajan Luthra”

New Delhi (India), October 21: Rajan Luthra’s Noble Pursuits: Rajan Luthra is the visionary founder behind Help Foundations Group. Driven by a mission to alleviate poverty and enhance global health, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and forward-thinking visionary. His latest venture, “One Dollar Media,” is making waves. This groundbreaking online platform will set to house an extensive collection of Rajan Luthra’s films and media projects. By collaborating with  Hollywood’s esteemed Triloc Films Studio, this platform will feature an array of  Films, Web Series, Documentaries, and TV shows, bridging the gap between  Hollywood and Bollywood.

Unveiling One Dollar Media: Imminent is the global launch of One Dollar  Media—an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform. A remarkable aspect of this venture is that a part of the profits generated will be dedicated to the noble cause championed by Help Foundations Group. This financial contribution will aid in eradicating poverty, bolstering health initiatives, spreading the doctrine of unity  (Oneness), and broadcasting positive messages on a global scale. 

Empowering Help Foundations Group: Help Foundations Group’s mission echoes far and wide, addressing global poverty while also making strides in the sphere of global health. By forming strategic alliances with businesses,  NGOs, private citizens, and other entities, the organization tangibly quantifies its positive impact on the less fortunate. It’s worth noting that the group places significant emphasis on advocating for marginalized segments, including homeless women, youths, and children. 

A World Out of Balance: In a world propelled by ceaseless momentum, the value of contemplation and unity is often overshadowed. This disconnect is evident in events such as ethnic strife in Manipur and communal tensions in various parts of India. Mr. Rajan Luthra keenly perceives the absence of human unity within diverse groups, leading to instances of the degradation of human dignity.  

A film titled “MAHAYOGI, HIGHWAY 1 TO ONENESS” emerges as a guiding light, poised to infuse all humanity with love, tranquillity, peace and oneness. Rajan Luthra’s Vision of Oneness: Rajan Luthra, an entrepreneur,  philanthropist, and visionary, offers humanity a platform for unity amid the rapid pace of our civilization. This concept of Oneness transcends religious boundaries, fostering a collective consciousness deeply connected to the divine. Rajan Luthra posits that 1+1 equals 1, 1+1000=1 and 1+1000000=1 1 +  Millions=1 and 1+Billlions=1. We all need to be on the same page to resolve all the problems and a kind conflicts between people in small cities, states, and countries. Oneness is the foundation of the World, which at present is missing big time. His endeavour of this movie project, according to him, will help bring a big change in the approach and thought process Worldwide with a symbolic representation of unity. He asserts that when individuals synchronize their actions, harmony ensues, paving the path for peace in any circumstance.


The Genesis of “Mahayogi”: Rajan Luthra’s unwavering dedication reaches  its zenith in the creation of “Mahayogi, Hwy1 to Oneness.” This film represents the zenith of humanism—Oneness. Rajan Luthra’s relentless commitment to this project stems from his conviction that Oneness has the power to reshape humanity, bridging divides and sowing the seeds of harmonious coexistence. 

A Quest for Equilibrium: The world yearns for balance, and Rajan Luthra  endeavours to provide it with his life’s trajectory intertwined with pivotal historical events. His portrayal of Mahayogi encapsulates his vision for global transformation—a transformation driven by love, unity, consciousness, and purity. This journey, rooted in unwavering faith, aims to reawaken empathy within humanity. 

A Plea for Unity: Rajan Luthra’s resounding call, “Be One with Everyone. There is ONE within Everyone,” reverberates throughout his endeavours. As he assembles a team and fosters the production of “Mahayogi, Hwy1 to  Oneness,” his goal transcends mere storytelling; it aspires to ignite a  revolution in the collective consciousness and end all religious conflicts,  delivering a beautiful message. WE ALL ARE ONE with ONE GOD with  ONE universe. Mahayogi is the bridge of true consciousness, and he will raise the consciousness of every soul so that they can see all as ONE and respect each other religions and STOP THE WAR, which is going on in a human’s mind. He believes this trilogy movie project will enlighten all humanity all over the World for their inner peace, love and oneness.

Initiating Oneness: In the heart of New Delhi, Rajan Luthra was born at  4.40 am on the early morning of 17th August 1965 In Najafgarh With 6 fingers and 6 toes on his left foot. Amid the India-Pakistan war, Rajan Luthra’s journey commenced. His parents spoke of an imminent end to the war, infusing his life with a unique charm. Having experienced love and unity from an early age.He helped many, many poor people along with his mother, Late Mrs Bachan Luthra. She was a social worker at a small town called Vishnu Garden. His father, Ram Lubhaya Luthra, was a Government servant who worked at DESU Delhi, Electric  Supply Undertaking and is now living in America with Rajan Luthra. 

Rajan Luthra’s journey led him abroad after his studies and business in India.  He had a passion for becoming a mega movie star. In 1986, he came to Mumbai to visit Late Ravi Chopra and stayed a couple of months in the city of Bollywood.  He had many opportunities, but somehow, he decided to travel the World in his export-import business. He lived in Germany from 1989 till 2003 and later settled with his family in the United States of America. His grander vision of oneness took place on Highway 1, which is a beautiful coast drive in  California. His heart and soul believed that he could create peace, love and  Oneness all over the World. 

Spreading the Message: Rajan Luthra implores individuals from all walks of life—celebrities, sportsmen, personalities, politicians, philanthropists, spiritual leaders, corporate magnates, influencers, and ordinary individuals—to rally behind the message of Oneness. He recognizes the pivotal role of film in reshaping consciousness for inner awakening to finding oneself within and steering the world toward unity, peace and love. 

In a world that craves unity, Rajan Luthra’s effort is to sow the seeds of Oneness and stand as a testament to the transformative power of human connection. As his journey unfolds, it illuminates the potential that within each of us, we have the power to weave a tapestry of understanding,  compassion, and unity—a legacy that will redefine humanity’s trajectory. 

Rajan Luthra’s core message is to stop the war which keeps happening all the time between countries, families, friends, etc. and which has been creating pollution through the negative and evil thoughts from humanity. Both types of wars create pollution in the world where nature has to suffer. No more hatred, no more discrimination, no more judgmental, no more discrimination, no more conflicts, no more religious fights and no more false ego. It’s time to start living together as one because we are all ONE.  

Rajan Luthra believes that it’s time to end Kalyuga and move towards Satyuga, which can only be achieved if we are connected with our inner one. 

Through his movie project, Rajan Luthra has a message for anyone and everyone that be one with everyone. There is one within everyone. The whole world is a part of Vasudeva Kutumbakam, so feel it and become ONE.