From Campus Concept to Commercial Success: the story of Coverscart.

Coverscart, today a leading phone case brand, is the story of Naresh Dubey, the person who was studying in college when he was asked to create a project website.


Naresh thought of creating a project that shows relevance to society and also has some objectives. Naresh took a week’s time to think about which kind of website he needs to develop.During that time, he analyzed a problem. This happened when he was trying to purchase a phone cover for his new mobile phone but was unable to get one. He saw many options online and offline; however, those covers were either very expensive or very boring, which a college guy would never use.


That’s where he began the idea of Coverscart. He created a website that sells trendy and affordable cases for all mobile phones, whether new or old. His project was applauded by many people and faculties of the college, and that’s where his journey with Coverscart began.


Naresh discovered the problem and it was time to make it a reality and build Coverscart. Naresh discussed the whole idea with his elder brother Mitesh Dubey, who supported him in his journey and started researching for the products.


It took several months to do R&D in this field after which they began the sales in the year 2013. The first year was, of course, not a good start. However, both Dubeys kept hustling to build the brand that solves problems at an affordable price.


After spending 2 years, in the year 2015, Coverscart crossed the mark of 200 phone case models in 2000 designs. This was a huge mark because the giant players in the industry used to serve only 20-30 phone case models in 50-60 designs. Coverscart was the only site offering such a wide variety, that too at almost 70% less cost than the average competition value, with the same or higher level of quality.


Since then, Coverscart has been evolving and upgrading itself, and today it stands as a solo leading brand in this industry with 5000 designs in 1000 phone case models.


This number is so huge that the current competition isn’t even close to it in the entire industry. Today, in the year 2024, Coverscart marks its 11th year of their journey, and these 11 years weren’t as easy as they look.


Naresh says, “We have always strived to build a people’s brand. Coverscart was created for the majority of Indians who can’t afford expensive phone cases. We have faced many challenges on this journey, as we were competing with those who have millions in funding.”


Coverscart is a completely bootstrapped organization, which is why it became a challenge for the founders Naresh and Mitesh to build it like a brand. However, on the other hand, Coverscart was becoming popular in every household because of its premium quality and commitment towards the customers. Naresh always had an understanding to create ease for customers. That’s why they built a strong customer support system even for after-sales services. Their strong customer support base was applauded and cherished by many customers in multiple reviews.


This is why they began to have a good number of customer retention rates in the market.Today, Coverscart is a leading brand in the industry, serving the largest number of varieties at affordable prices. It’s truly incredible how a small campus project became a solution for millions of Indians.