Frontline Schools Remarkable World Records showcasing teamwork and Individual Achievements

July 22, 2023, Tamil Nadu, India,Frontline Schools’ World Records Festival continues to amaze as participants from diverse fields showcase their exceptional talents. From groundbreaking debates to spirited games and joyful activities, July 21, 2023 the second day of the festival highlights the power of teamwork, intellectual prowess, physical skills, and holistic development. These remarkable achievements set new records with Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Record and inspire others to reach new heights.

S.Vaishnavi Nandhan, Joint Secretary, Frontline Schools, stated that in a remarkable display of intellectual prowess and teamwork, 75 teams comprising a total of 525 participants have achieved a groundbreaking world record for the “Longest Debate Marathon by Multiple Teams.” Each team, consisting of seven individuals, engaged in passionate debates on specific topics from diverse fields, including politics, science, economics, and social issues. With three members speaking in favour and three against each topic, the debates were intense and thought-provoking. Accompanied by skilled moderators, these knowledgeable and enthusiastic participants exhibited exceptional gestures, maintained eye contact, and left a lasting impact during the marathon that lasted for 31 hours 46 minutes 22 seconds. Their boldness, preparation, and dedication to discussing real-time issues made this achievement a true testament to their debating skills and intellectual acumen, she further added.

Frontline Students Ignite the stage at the spectacular world records festival.

Ameet.K.Hingorani, Senior Adjudicator, Elite World Records, pointed out that Rishika Bhadani, a talented Grade XII Student of Frontline Millennium School, has achieved a groundbreaking feat by setting a new world record for the “Longest Lecture Marathon”, delivering an awe-inspiring lecture for an astounding more than 13 hours she showcased exceptional confidence, impeccable public speaking skills, subject knowledge, and captivating body language. Maintaining eye contact with the audience throughout, her remarkable achievement was met with resounding applause. This milestone not only highlights Rishika’s dedication and determination but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring speakers worldwide, he further stated.

Dr.Satyasree Gupta, Senior Adjudicator, Elite World Records, detailed that Samuthra Nithi.A, a talented Grade III student from The Frontline Academy, stunned experts with her impressive Yogic feat, emphasizing holistic development. She has amazed yoga experts with her extraordinary performance of 126 yogasanas in a seamless sequence within a mere 10 minutes. This remarkable achievement by the young prodigy not only showcases her physical prowess but also underscores the importance of yoga for holistic development. Her outstanding accomplishment inspires others to embrace yoga for a holistic and well-rounded approach to personal growth, she further cherished.

Usha Nandhini, Adjudicator, Asian Records Academy, detailed that in an exhilarating display of teamwork and friendly competition, 290 participants have achieved the impressive title of “Most Participants Playing the Game of ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ Simultaneously”. The game was played with a simple yet engaging method. Participants sat in a circle, with one person designated as the “Goose” who would walk around tapping each player’s head and saying “Duck.” When the “Goose” finally chose someone as the “Goose,” the chase would begin as the tagged player tried to catch the “Goose” before they reached the empty spot. This classic game holds great importance in sports education, fostering skills such as agility, decision-making, and quick thinking. It promotes social interaction, teamwork, and fair play. By setting this world record, the participants have highlighted the significance of incorporating fun and inclusive games into sports education, creating a memorable experience for all involved, she further stated.

K.R.Venkateswaran, Records Manager, India Records Academy, pointed out that in an exuberant display of unity and enthusiasm, 298 participants have set a new world record for the “Most Participants in a Chicken Dance.” The venue came alive with high energy levels as participants showcased their coordination, infectious smiles, and remarkable endeavour during the dance performance. This playful dance, often imparted to children at a young age, helps in developing motor skills, rhythm, and self-expression. By setting this world record, the participants have emphasized the importance of fostering a love for dance, promoting physical activity, and creating unforgettable moments of joy and camaraderie, he further appreciated.

K.N.Sakthivel, Assistant Records Manager, Tamilan Book of Records, pointed out that in a burst of excitement and popping frenzy, 298 participants have achieved a new world record for the “Most Participants Popping Bubble Wraps Simultaneously”. The venue was filled with the delightful sound of popping bubbles as children indulged in this playful activity. With wide smiles and contagious laughter, they experienced the sheer joy of bursting those satisfying bubbles. Moreover, the shared experience fosters social interaction, teamwork, and a sense of camaraderie among the participants, he added..

Frontline School’s record-breaking festival will continue to push boundaries and inspire participants to reach new heights in their respective fields. Stay tuned for more remarkable feats and inspiring records as the festival progresses.


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