Jashn Agnihotri Achieves Remarkable Success with the Release of “6 Ekkey” Music Video

Actor and model Jashn Agnihotri is basking in the glow of her latest music video release, “6 Ekkey,” which has taken the music industry by storm. The video, released on Monday, September 11, has already captured the hearts of music enthusiasts, making it the talk of the town.

Along with Jashn Agnihotri “6 Ekkey” features the charismatic Shreyas Talpade in a lead role. Their sizzling on-screen chemistry is palpable throughout the video, adding an extra layer of appeal to the project. Although Jashn Agnihotri has already worked with a number of actors, she believes that working with Shreyas Talpade for ‘6 Ekkey’ was a magical experience.

The melodious voices of Swati Sharma, Rukhshar Bandhukia, and B Show, combined with the lyrical talents of Aarif Khan and Salim Khan, contribute to the “6 Ekkey” video’s groovy and enchanting vibe. It has been composed by Sameer Sen and B Show. Notably, the video also features Raj Nostrum in a pivotal role.

The music video is produced under the banner of Sarvapriya Films, led by veteran producer Shahid Anwar and directed by Rajiv S Ruia.The meticulous post-production work by Santosh Valaboj and editing by Arun D Yadav further enhance the video’s quality. Presented by Zee Music, “6 Ekkey,”, has lyrics in three languages: Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. It promises to be a visual treat for music lovers.

Jashn Agnihotri’s journey began with a cameo appearance in director Madhur Bhandarkar’s film ‘Indu Sarkar’ (2017-18), followed by roles in movies like ‘Genius’ and ‘India Lockdown.’  She was later seen in several hit Hindi and Punjabi music videos. Overwhelmed by the response that her latest video, ‘6 Ekkey’, has gained, Jashn Agnihotri expressed gratitude to her fans.

She said, “I am so overwhelmed with the kind of response my new song is garnering. It is so gratifying to know that people are loving my song so much. The outpouring of love is immense, and I am thankful to each and everyone who has loved the song and appreciated my work.”

To watch the music video, follow this link: [Watch “6 Ekkey”](https://youtu.be/uv0zEZiSpyk?si=fFhYnahAiUqyh5tM)