Mr & Miss Asia Star 2024, powered by NFMG Production, Directed  by Guarav Rana, co-organized by Rajan Rana, and managed by Aarushi Kaushik, took place at Chandigarh University on April 15th. The semi finale was judged by celebrity Fame Khanzaadi.

This event marked the first semi-final, with other semi-finals scheduled in Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Gujarat, and Bangalore, where contestants from across Asia will showcase their passion and talent.

Established four years ago, NFMG Production has been dedicated to providing a platform for young talents across India, supporting their journey in modeling and acting. Over the years, NFMG has successfully organized a series of beauty and modeling pageant shows, including the prestigious ‘Mr & Miss Global Star’ and ‘Mr & Miss India International Star,’ and recently concluded the grand finale of Mr & Miss India International Star Season 2 in CGC JHANJERI. The jury panel for these events has included Bollywood personalities such as Shiv Thakre, Avneet Kaur, Rohit Khandelwal, Sara Gurpal, Sahil Khan, Karan Kundra, and Ranvijay Singh, offering invaluable guidance to participants.

NFMG Production sets itself apart by offering a wide range of benefits at remarkably low and affordable registration fees. These benefits include comprehensive training and grooming, professional portfolio shoots, exclusive brand shoots, and access to an extensive wardrobe of designer outfits for the runway. Moreover, participants have the unique opportunity to engage with esteemed celebrities, enhancing their experience in the industry.

Registration for ‘Mr & Miss Asia Star 2024’ is open across Asia. Alongside Khanzaadi, the celebrity judge panel also includes Bigg Boss personalities Manisha Rani, Abhishek Malhan, and Priyanka Choudhary, who will feature in upcoming semi-finals. Interested candidates can contact 6397989375 or follow NFMG Production on their official Instagram handle for regular updates.

About NFMG Production:

NFMG Production, founded by Gaurav Rana, serves as a significant opportunity for aspiring models and actors in Asia. With a diverse portfolio of beauty pageant shows and a commitment to nurturing young talent, NFMG Production continues to redefine industry standards.