Primarc Pecan Becomes The First ONDC Enabled E2E Ecommerce Solutions Provider for Brands

Primarc Pecan, the leading E2E Ecommerce Solution provider for brands, has announced its ONDC enablement as India prepares itself to revolutionize its e-commerce industry. The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) is a government-backed initiative that aims to create an inclusive and scalable e-commerce ecosystem through an open protocol.

T Koshy, MD & CEO, ONDC, said, “We warmly welcome Primarc Pecan to the ONDC Network. Primarc Pecan’s experience in e-commerce and digital marketing combined with the empowering capabilities of ONDC will unlock boundless opportunities for brands, allowing them to seamlessly navigate the evolving market, reach untapped customer segments and drive remarkable growth,” said.

By joining the ONDC network, Primarc Pecan and its brand partners will be discoverable on the buyer apps available on the network. Significantly, Primarc Pecan will cover its partner brands from onboarding to handling all things e-commerce, including a) Marketplace management, b) D2C management, c) Data Analytics, d) Digital marketing support, e) Enhanced cataloguing and listings, f) Warehousing operations, and g) Reconciliation.

Ankur Dayal, CEO of Primarc Pecan, said, “We are excited to join ONDC to bring a new era of e-commerce to our brands. We believe this initiative will empower brands to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled growth. As the industry continues to evolve, initiatives such as these will play a critical role in driving innovation and expansion.”

Partnering with Primarc Pecan is a transformative opportunity for brands. By aligning with Primarc Pecan’s extensive experience in e-commerce and digital marketing, combined with the vast network of trusted participants within ONDC, brands will experience a paradigm shift. They will unlock the potential to reach new customers, expand their market share, and propel their growth and profitability to unprecedented heights.

About ONDC:

ONDC is the Open Network for Digital Commerce, a government-backed initiative that aims to create an inclusive and scalable e-commerce ecosystem through an open protocol. ONDC enables interoperability among various participants in the e-commerce value chain, such as buyers, sellers, logistics providers, payment gateways, and more. ONDC also ensures data security, privacy, transparency, and trust among all stakeholders. By joining the ONDC network, participants can access a vast network of trusted partners and customers and benefit from lower costs, higher efficiency, and greater innovation.

About Primarc Pecan:

Primarc Pecan is a leading e-commerce agency that offers end-to-end solutions for brands. It helps brands manage their online presence and performance across various platforms, including marketplaces, D2C websites, social media, and more. Primarc Pecan also provides data analytics, digital marketing support, enhanced cataloging and listings, warehousing operations, and reconciliation services. Primarc Pecan is now ONDC enabled and is the only e-commerce agency currently bringing an end-to-end solution for your brand.

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