SPACE India welcomes Bollywood’s millennial star Sanjana Sanghi as its Brand Ambassador 

New Delhi, India, April 18, 2024: As the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) formulates the narrative of space sector advancement and captures the imagination with ambitious space missions, SPACE India serves the purpose of fueling curiosity while inculcating scientific temperament at grassroots level through education in Astronomy and Space Science. 


Founded in 2001, SPACE India has inspired over 1.5 Million students and facilitated the integration of Astronomy and Space Science into the curriculum of 1,000 schools pan India, nurturing a new generation of space enthusiasts and scholars. It has played a remarkable role in refuting myths surrounding rocket science. It has ensured that space education is accessible, affordable, and inclusive for people from all walks of life. With a rich legacy spanning over 24 years in Astronomy, Space Science and STEM education, SPACE India has consistently pursued its purpose while keeping it aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG).


Sanjana Sanghi is a rising young Bollywood star and UNDP Youth Champion. Her commitment to social activism and advocacy for education make her the ideal fit for this role at SPACE India and SPACE Arcade. Her passion for anything she sets her mind to is commendable, and her numerous achievements at a young age resonate with absolute excellence. Furthermore, Sanjana is a gold medalist from the Lady Shri Ram College (University of Delhi). This further solidifies her suitability for a position that encourages education. 


The Brand Ambassador, Sanjana Sanghi states, “My partnership with SPACE India truly feels like one that was meant to be. Aiming for the stars has literally and metaphorically been a guiding philosophy for me, and to learn more about the work SPACE India does through increasing accessibility to Space Education, has resonated so deeply with my commitment to ensuring my work in education activism. Increasing access to education lies at the core of my humanitarian endeavours, and thus I hope our collective synergy leads to the greatest possible change.” 


SPACE India is the registered Space Tutor of ISRO, creating impact through its education and outreach programs for schools that involve students’ participation in national and international competitions for citizen science projects with ISRO and NASA. The entity comprises several education programs including a K-12 curriculum that aligns with NEP 2020 and NCF.


In addition to Sanjana Sanghi’s role as brand ambassador for SPACE India, her partnership extends to SPACE Arcade also, a company dedicated to providing a comprehensive range of Astronomy and Space Science related equipment and products. From providing Telescopes and binoculars to STEM kits and merchandise, SPACE Arcade is a one stop destination for enthusiasts. Furthermore, as an ISRO registered merchandise partner, SPACE Arcade ensures the authenticity and quality of its offerings, further solidifying its position as a trusted source within the space science community. With Sanjana’s involvement, SPACE Arcade will expand its reach and awareness, emphasising how wonderful it is to own a Telescope and see beyond the world we live in.


SPACE India’s Co-founder, Ms. Shalini Bahmba and Managing Directors, Mr. Shivam Gupta and Mr. Mitul Jain, envision that Sanjana’s integration into the SPACE family will further amplify awareness about the features and offerings of both SPACE India and SPACE Arcade. Recognizing the imperative to mainstream Astronomy as a core subject while democratizing it to increase enthusiasm among parents, schools, students, and the general public.


Stay tuned to SPACE India’s official social media channels, where they will soon release a video featuring Sanjana Sanghi. Follow them for updates and enjoy the #RocketScienceAasanHai commercial coming soon.


About SPACE India:

SPACE India is a pioneering institution promoting Astronomy, Space Science & STEM Education. With a legacy spanning over 24 years, SPACE India has impacted millions of lives through innovative programs and initiatives. Committed to making Space Science accessible and inclusive, SPACE India collaborates with leading institutions and organizations to inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers. Visit: for more information.