Unforgettable Navratri Garba Festival in Ahmedabad 2023Introduction:

Navratri in Gujarat is synonymous with vibrant celebrations, and PYC has been at the forefront of creating a spectacular Garba Fest experience. PYC has redefined the Garba season in just two years, making it BIGGER, BETTER, and LOUDER with each passing year. Let’s look at what to expect from RAO Consultants Presents PYC Navratri 2023, set to be an unforgettable celebration, Rao Consultants is a one-stop solution to Study-Work-Travel-Settle Abroad. PYC is known for being Ahmedabad’s Most Youthful Garba and the Coolest Youth Community ever. 

Evolution of PYC Garba Fest:

– PYC embarked on its Garba Fest journey in 2021, amid COVID restrictions and gaining immense popularity.

– In 2022, the festival expanded to an 86,000 sq ft ground, drawing even larger crowds for 9 days of Navratri.

– Now, in 2023, RAO Consultants Presents PYC Navratri boasts a staggering capacity for over 6,000 per day for 9 days attendees on a sprawling 110,000 sq ft ground.

Musical Fusion and Youth Engagement:

– PYC Garba Fest stands out due to its exceptional choice of artists. Since the last two years they’ve roped in Meghdhanush, the only band in India to master the fusion of Garba and Western beats.

– Embracing their commitment to youth engagement, PYC dedicated days to students from prestigious colleges, classes & schools like HB Kapadia New High School, Keystone Classes, Allen Career Coach, SKIPS (St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies), Thanganat By Ahmedabad University students, GLS University, creating unforgettable moments.

Food and Refreshments:

– PYC Garba Fest 2022 introduced food stalls with 20+ national brands such as Havmor, Coca-Cola, PVR INOX, MyFroyoland, Dominos, Baked By Ninis, The Shake Maker, Skippi & much more offering delectable treats to refuel the energetic crowd.

– The legacy continues in RAO Consultants Presents PYC Navratri, promising a delightful culinary experience. With 21 years of excellence, Rao Consultants has counselled 2.5 lakh+ families, including 1 lakh+ students, towards their global dreams. 


This year, PYC has secured sponsorship from premium brands like Rao Consultants, Coca-Cola, Inc.5, Liverpool, Oliver Brown Cafe, Green Panther Properties, Renee, Cake N Joy,1920 Tattoo Hub, and among others. The Agency partners Craywingz have set the standards of Branding & social media for the event. The event is supported by Hungrito & LED Solutions.

Notably, PYC has joined hands with leading youth institutions such as Rao Consultants, Allen, Keystone, SKIPS (St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies), and HB Kapadia New High School, ensuring a vibrant and youthful atmosphere.

Aditi Raval, an Independent Media Personality of Gujarat, known for her establishments like “Tu Ane Tari Vaato” and “Jorr Food,” adds her unique touch to this grand celebration, and PYC is thankful for their support. Neel Panchal, the dynamic CEO and founder of PYC, is building opportunities to learn, earn, network, and contribute to the upliftment of society.

RAO Consultants Presents PYC Navratri 2023 is all set to create mesmerizing memories with its grand decor, mesmerizing musical performances by Meghdhanush, late-night Jorr food – stalls, and innovative decor. Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of this bigger, louder, and better celebration of Navratri in Gujarat! Ratre Madiye At 9 Brothers Party Plot.

About PYC: Pratham Youth Community is a pioneering organization that has earned the admiration and trust of the youth in Gujarat. Through its diverse range of offerings, including internships, culture, networking, mentorship programs, and entertainment events, PYC creates a nurturing environment where young individuals can learn, grow, and thrive. It has an impressive outreach of over 100,000 students in Ahmedabad.  With a strong emphasis on personal development and a commitment to excellence, PYC empowers young changemakers to make a positive impact on society while creating a strong and united community.